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SailPoint Training In Hyderabad

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SailPoint Training in Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

The SailPoint Training Course in Hyderabad is the best choice for leading today’s data security space. The professionals are earning good numbers by achieving skills in Identity Access Management (IAM), which is a need of the hour for almost every company today. Here are the details. 

Practice Test and Interview Questions: Boost your SailPoint knowledge with Cyber Security Master practice tests crafted by certified SailPoint trainers and industry experts. The Trainee can also access SailPoint Interview Questions and answers at the end of the course, perfect for testing your understanding. Whether the candidate aims to enhance their expertise or is looking for a job, these tests and Q&A will help.

Practice Mock Interview Sessions and Technical Job Support: At Cyber Security Masters, we offer practice mock interview sessions and top-notch job support upon completing the course that enriches students’ career prospects in Sailpoint and equips them with the skills needed to ace interviews.

Key Points of SailPoint Training In Hyderabad

Comprehensive Course Curriculum and Syllabus

Our SailPoint Training in Hyderabad at Cyber Security Masters helps elevate the trainee's skills. Our comprehensive course curriculum and syllabus ensure students receive in-depth knowledge.

Industry Experienced and Certified Trainers

Learn from industry-experienced and certified trainers who guide you in mastering SailPoint. At Cyber Security Masters, our trainers bring real-world insights, enhancing your understanding of identity management and security.

Hands-on Training Approach

Our hands-on training process at Cyber Security Masters helps trainees acquire practical expertise in SailPoint by engaging with real-world scenarios. It helps students with hands-on skills and also equips them to deal with SailPoint identity governance.

Flexible Training Options

Our SailPoint course has flexible training options to suit students and working professionals better. Cyber Security Masters offers online and offline training options, allowing our trainees to choose the training mode at their convenience.

Placement Assistance

Our SailPoint placement assistance training program helps our students meet up with potential companies and gives them confidence while entering their jobs.

Real-time Practical approach

Our practice-based training program helps the students apply their knowledge to practical projects that simulate real-world scenarios, helps them gain hands-on experience, and builds a powerful foundation.

Positive Trainees Feedback

Our SailPoint Training in Hyderabad consistently earns positive feedback from students, and their success stories highlight the effectiveness of our courses. Join us for SailPoint training and experience the difference.

Post Training Support

Our SailPoint Training in Hyderabad doesn't just end with the last class. We offer post-training support, assisting students in applying their knowledge to real-world scenarios. Our dedicated team helps you with all doubts related to your work or projects.

Interactive Learning Environment

We offer an interactive learning environment designed to engage students where students can easily interact with each other and share there knowledge and the experience.

Course Overview Of SailPoint Certification Training?

SailPoint is an identity access management system or you can say an enterprise security platform tool that businesses widely use for data security and access management. It helps businesses with its intelligent search functionality and identity access to manage without IT support. It gives access to the right identity and prevents unauthorized access to the data and applications in the organizations.

It is an accelerator for delivering access to the business and triggers the changes on access-based user lifecycle events. In a nutshell, SailPoint helps companies stay compliant and prevents insider threats, replacing legacy provisioning solutions that are in place.

SailPoint Identity Management software implementation helps businesses prevent the risk of data breaches. With the new regulations like DPDA acts and others, businesses are looking for SailPoint professionals for Identity Access Management (IAM) and management of several security features using SailPoint.

The valuable features and benefits made SailPoint the most chosen platform for Identity Access Management, and there is a great demand for skilled SailPoint professionals today.

So if you are looking to start your career in SailPoint join us Today! Cyber Security Masters is one of the best SailPoint Training Institute in Hyderabad. 

Sailpoint Training Course Objectives

Security has become a major concern for all companies, and professionals across the globe are focusing on upskilling themselves with the current developments and challenges which increased the demand of courses like SailPoint.

SailPoint is a product designed for cybersecurity that helps businesses secure their data and manage Identity access to prevent insider threats. We at Cyber Security Masters offer the best SailPoint Training in Hyderabad, designed by our top-notch experts who has hands-on experience and are working SailPoint professionals.

Our Sailpoint Identity IQ Implementation and Developer training program has 20 modules to train your overall skills efficiently. So that our learners can implement, administer, and develop their SailPoint skills.

The main objective of the SailPoint Training in Hyderabad is to impart the best knowledge relevant to the industry and provide training to transform our candidates into the top SailPoint Professionals in demand. The course helps learners with the latest SailPoint updates along with the best practices through different learning approaches.


Why to Enroll for the SailPoint certification Course

SailPoint Training Course Outline

Trainees will gain a comprehensive introduction to SailPoint, covering the fundamentals and importance of safeguarding the data. Students will learn how to utilize SailPoint to secure digital entities effectively and acquire insights on gaining more knowledge and using it to enhance and reach their career goals.

Our student gets an overview of the SailPoint IdentityNow interface, providing a comprehensive walkthrough of the dashboard and key modules. The module covers the basics of navigation and user interface elements and highlights essential features, such as identity lifecycle management, access request workflows, and reporting capabilities.

Students get a solid foundation by exploring fundamental identity management concepts and learning topics like identity provisioning, role-based access control (RBAC), entitlements, and connectors. It helps students to understand how SailPoint IdentityNow streamlines the management of user identities to get brief underlying principles that govern effective identity governance.

Students will learn how to implement and configure SailPoint IdentityNow as per the various organizational needs, the process of user onboarding, role creation, access request workflows to customization and integration with other systems, which ensures the students gain skills in configuring SailPoint to meet specific business requirements.

Students gain access to certification and compliance management within SailPoint IdentityNow, which makes them understand the importance of regular access reviews, attestation campaigns, and compliance reporting. Candidates will get brief insights on how SailPoint helps organizations maintain compliance with industry regulations and internal policies, which equip students with the skills to design and execute effective access certification campaigns.

Students get real-world scenarios by addressing common challenges and providing troubleshooting guidance, practicing for maintaining a healthy SailPoint IdentityNow environment, including performance optimization, security considerations, and routine maintenance. Students will also participate in forums and communities to stay updated on the latest developments and solutions.

Prerequisites For SailPoint Course


Modes of SailPoint Training In Hyderabad

Online training

Our online training option offers personalized one-on-one learning with live sessions conducted by expert instructors where our trainees get access to technical support and real-time course demonstrations, allowing students to apply their Sailpoint knowledge effectively.

Offline Training

Our offline Sailpoint training in Hyderabad provides the participant with an in-depth, instructor-led learning experience. Students can attend offline sessions and ask their queries, which our knowledgeable trainers address.

Corporate Training

We offer customizable modules that focus on relevant scenarios and challenges specific to your industry. Our expert trainers deliver these sessions at your workplace or a location of your choice, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Career Opportunities After SailPoint Course

At Cyber Security Masters, we offer a wide range of SailPoint certifications as needed. So, if you are a student looking to kick start your carer in SailPoint, a working professional, or someone looking to hire us for corporate training, we covered them all.

Our professional trainers have a real-time experience of 10+ years, which ensures our trainees receive quality training to understand all SailPoint concepts. Our SailPoint certification training program includes real-world projects that help the students prepare for the SailPoint certifications.

Moreover, we offer a course completion certificate issued by Coding Pro Masters that shows your proficiency in the field of SailPoint. 

SailPoint Developer

SailPoint Developers specializing in designing and identity management solutions using the SailPoint platform. They are very proficient in developing workflows, connectors, and integrations and ensure seamless identity governance. This course will help you to apply for the above role.

Identity Governance Consultant

Identity governance consultants are responsible for building efficient practices in identity governance. They assess the business requirements, design the identity management strategies, and implement them with SailPoint solutions. They are responsible for enhancing the company’s overall security and compliance requirements.

SailPoint Implementation Engineer

SailPoint Implementation Engineers specialize in configuring and deploying SailPoint Identity Now and ensuring successful IT infrastructure integration. They contribute to the end-to-end implementation processes, from requirements gathering into the system and user training. 

Security Consultant

Security consultants with SailPoint focus mainly on assessing and enhancing the organization’s overall security posture. By using identity governance, they can conduct security assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and implement SailPoint solutions to mitigate them effectively.

Compliance Analyst (Identity Governance)

The compliance analysts specialize in identity governance, focusing on the adherence to regulatory and compliance policies that conduct access certifications and generate compliance reports. They analyze the audit teams and address the compliance gaps by implementing correct actions.

Apart from the list mentioned above, several other job titles are customized by companies looking for candidates with hands-on experience working with the SailPoint platform. Our SailPoint Training Course in Hyderabad by MLN allows you to crack the best job in the industry.

Skills Developed After the Course 


SailPoint Certifications Training

The compliance analysts specialize in identity governance, focusing on the adherence to regulatory and compliance policies that conduct access certifications and generate compliance reports. They analyze the audit teams and address the compliance gaps by implementing correct actions.

Training-Based Certifications

  • SailPoint certified IdentityNow Professional certification
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Associate certification
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Professional certification

Role-Based Certifications

  • SailPoint certified IdentityNow Engineer
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Engineer
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Architect 

Enhanced Certifications

Enhanced IdentityNow Certifications

  • SailPoint-certified IdentityNow Cloud Engineer
  • SailPoint certified IdentityNow Development Engineer
  • SailPoint-certified IdentityNow Security Engineer

Enhanced IdentityIQ Certifications

  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Cloud Engineer
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Development Engineer
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Security Engineer
  • SailPoint-certified IdentityIQ Cloud Architect
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Development Architect
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Security Architect

Exam Fee

  • SailPoint certified IdentityNow Professional certification – $300
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Associate certification – $300
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Professional certification – $300
  • SailPoint certified IdentityNow Engineer – $400
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Engineer – $400
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Architect -$500
  • SailPoint certified IdentityNow Cloud Engineer – Free of Cost
  • SailPoint certified IdentityNow Development Engineer – Free of Cost
  • SailPoint certified IdentityNow Security Engineer – Free of Cost
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Cloud Engineer – Free of Cost
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Development Engineer – Free of Cost
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Security Engineer – Free of Cost
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Cloud Architect – Free of Cost
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Development Architect – Free of Cost
  • SailPoint certified IdentityIQ Security Architect – Free of Cost

SailPoint Certification Training Testimonials


Most frequently asked questions with answers about Cyberark Training in Hyderabad

By using next-generation detection, analysis, and response, SailPoint monitors and analyzes the information and events to find the potential security threats before they disrupt the business operations. That’s the reason why businesses are choosing SailPoint Professionals.

No, users can automate the security processes with Workflows in SailPoint without coding knowledge. if you have the basic Java and MySQL, that would ease the learning process, but it’s not necessarily required.

It will take around 4 to 5 weeks to complete the SailPoint training if you choose the best training institute.

IT professionals, project managers, Developers, SailPoint Aspirants, Cyber Security Enthusiasts, and Software testers are the ideal learners. There is no restriction for learners who like to explore the platform.

  • Basic skills and configuration
  • The architecture of SailPoint and its features
  • Concepts of Identity IQ
  • Onboarding applications
  • Searching for bugs, errors, and troubleshooting
  • Advanced SailPoint Certification skills.

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