How to Become a Cyber Security Expert In 2024

5 Proven Steps to Become a Cyber Security Expert: Your Ultimate Guide to a Rewarding Career

Hackers are present all across the World, and they are always available to target sensitive data available across the web. As cyber-attack incidents have increased, the demand for cybersecurity experts has also increased. 

So, if you want to give a bloom to your career and looking to start your career as a Cyber security expert, this is a perfect time to begin with.

In this article, I will help you with all the details that guide you through the requirements needed to become a successful cybersecurity expert and get placed in top MNCs.

So without any further delay, let’s started…


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What is a Cybersecurity Expert?

Before getting into how to become a cyber security expert, the first thing you must have to know is what cybersecurity analysts are and their job roles.

So cyber security analysts are those who are specialized in identifying activities related to various cyberattacks and preventing these attacks from these attacks. Cybersecurity analysts are well-trained network and IT infrastructure security professionals trained to protect your business against cyber crimes and malware attacks.

What Are the Important Skills for Cyber Security Experts?

To get into any field, specific criteria are required, and the same goes when you are planning to become a cybersecurity specialist. To make it easy to understand, I have listed them in sections.

1. Education

Like any other field, cyber security also has a criterion of education qualification. Most companies prefer to hire Cyber Security experts who have a cybersecurity associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree.

On the other side, people who have an equivalent degree to the above, like Computer science, Engineering, Master’s in computer science, or professions that have an IT background, are eligible to get into these fields.

However, students who are not having the above education background can also become cyber security specialists by doing a certification program which I explain in the next section.

2. Certification Program

The second best option to get into this field is the Industrial cybersecurity certifications. A certification program will guide you to understand the basics of the area and helps you to upgrade the skill that is required to know more about the subject.

We at cybersecurity masters have trained 100+ students and helped them get placed in top MNCs with an educational background in science and commerce and looking to change their jobs.

Moreover, once you have a basic idea about cybersecurity, you can later go for the other certification programs which allow you to build a successful career in cybersecurity.

A few of the certifications that boost your cybersecurity career are:

1. Security+ is a CompTIA certification

2. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

3. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

4. Offensive Security Certified Professional certification (OSCP)

5. Security Operations Center (SOC)

What Are Cyber Security Specialists Roles and Responsibilities?

Now, when you have a brief about the education and certifications, you need to get started as a cybersecurity engineer. The next step is to understand the cybersecurity roles and responsibilities you have to accomplish.

So, cybersecurity professionals’ jobs are capped into numerous segments, depending on the company where you are working and their requirements.

However, the primary job responsibility of a cyber security specialist is to deal with network security, software, and hardware as well.

Let me explain it briefly so that you have a clear idea about the skill and knowledge a professional organization is looking into before hiring any cybersecurity professionals.

So, the responsibilities of a cybersecurity specialist are to take care of all kinds of security measures for their companies and help them to prevent all kinds of cyber attacks or malware attacks.

They also have to work to secure their organization’s server to ensure their organization’s security so that any hackers do not hack or leak their critical data or files.

Cyber security experts must update all their organizations’ software to protect them from any attack and implement firewall rules in their companies to secure their privacy from hackers.

What is the average salary of a cyber security analyst?

When it comes to a cybersecurity specialist’s salary, it entirely depends on the technical skills the individual has and the years of work experience they carry.

However, the basic cybersecurity salary for freshers is between Rs 3,00,000 to  Rs 8,00,000 PA and goes up to Rs 18,00,000 PA for those with good years of experienWhat’sthis the field.

Here is a glimpse of the salary professional cyber security engineers are getting, according to Glassdoor.


Job Salary for Freshers


Job Salary for Experienced

What's the demand for cybersecurity analysts?

Now let’s look into the job opportunities for cybersecurity analysts. So as per The Hindus Business line, India to have over 1.5 m unfulfilled job vacancies in cybersecurity by 2025, and the numbers are increasing daily by day due to the risen cases of data breaches and hacking.

Moreover, the publishers like Fobes have already predicted that the cyber security field will be the fastest growing field compared to other job fields.

Below are a few top-rated MNCs with various openings for cybersecurity candidates.

Silicon Valley Bank
Amazon (Amazon Web Services)

Skills Needed For Cybersecurity Specialist?

Apart from the basic requirements like education and certification, one of the essential steps to becoming a cybersecurity expert is your soft skills.

The cyber security job is exciting, and to get a job in this field, you need the skill to understand the technical aspects and have to think like a hacker to get them down, and these things you can’t do without developing your soft skills.

Skills Needed For Cybersecurity Specialist?

As predicted by many giant companies, cybersecurity is an emerging field that will keep growing in the coming years, and as the area grows, the requirement for professionals also increases. You only need good knowledge about the topic and hands-on experience to get placed in top companies.

So if you are also planning to start your career as a cyber security professional or someone looking to change the job profile, this is the golden opportunity for you to get started.

We at Cyber Security Masters have helped 100+ students get placed in top companies. If you also want to be one of them, then Enroll Now for the cyber security professional course and take one step towards your dream job of a cyber security expert.

So, I believe that the above information will help bloom your career and give you a clear vision of becoming a cyber security analyst in 2023.  In case you have any queries, kindly contact us as we have a dedicated team that helps you to guide you to become a successful cyber security analyst.

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